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resisting arrest, but he wasn't. and they tased him once and his head violently hit the car as he fell on the ground and put their knee in his back, and tased him again. >> this is ridiculous. this is over the top. >> drivers say this is the latest volley in part of a broader dispute with park police in the national park service over whether the petticab industry should be regulated. >> that's another level of force and i couldn't believe that. i can't imagine him really -- i mean the guy is 80-pounds soaking wet. >> the officer used this taser device to subdue the person that chose to assault him. >> it's standard procedure for the u.s. park police to launch an inquiry when force is used. according to park police policy, a taser can be used to gain compliance. we checked with the museum of air and space to see if they had outdoor surveillance
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cameras that may have captured this on tape, we are told they do not. andrea mckaren, 9news now. >> i'm sure we'll be hearing much more about this. if you don't like hot weather, you may want to think about blowing town this week. it's about to get crazy hot out there. anny, you have the heat alert. >> it's hot and humid today, but nothing compared to what we will be seeing in the next few days. temperatures are in the 90s on this late monday afternoon. where we are going to see around 91 in downtown. manassas 93. winchester 91. you factor in the humidity. here's the index. what it feels like. it feels like 98 in downtown. manassas 95. fredericksburg, you're looking at 100 degrees. culpeper, 97 degrees. all right, the national story is, it's just hot almost everywhere you look. in minneapolis, 98. kansas city 94. that intense heat is going to be coming our way in the next
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few days. tonight, partly cloudy and muggy. becoming mostly cloudy. we could see isolated thunderstorms tonight. after midnight, and more numerous showers are possible tomorrow afternoon. we'll talk more about that when we come back. but first, your overnight lows looking good. if you have dinner plans, it will be okay, but a little muggy. we'll talk about that heat wave coming up a little later. if you own a boat, this is the time of year you want to be on the water. those days are over for four boat owners after a fire ripped through the washington yacht club early this morning and kristin fisher joins us live. kristin, how much damage was done? >> reporter: anita, it's not pretty. four big boats are gone. a fifth boat is almost completely destroyed and you have the pier here at the washington yacht club. look at this back here. you can actually see how much of this dock is going to have
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to be replaced. so in total, we're talking almost a million dollars in damage. >> i saw a cloud billowing that wasn't really a cloud and i couldn't make sense of it. so i came out to look and see what it was and it was flames coming from the boats. >> jeffrey taylor was sleeping on his boat when the fire broke out around 3:00 this morning. >> what would happen if you didn't wake up? >> i don't want to think about that one. i don't want to think about that one. that would have been real bad. >> incredibly, no one was hurt, including jeffrey who saved some of the boats before firefighters arrived. >> tried cut loose some of the other boats and we got the water hose and started to at least keep some of them a little wet. >> but water can only do so much, even when you are surrounded by it. >> nothing you can do. you are helpless. and you are losing your pride possessions. >> steve runs the washington yacht club and he had to watch as his boat burned down. >> i'm losing it.
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yesterday i was just on it and i am on it just about every day. it's hard to believe that my boat is burned to almost nonrecognition. >> the charred out hulls of five boats, as the owners wait for insurance and for investigators to figure out what caused the fire. >> i'm going to have a drink other than this bottle of water that i'm drinking right now and i'm going to sit back and get my thoughts and emotions together and start thinking about finding and buying me another boat. >> now another problem, you see this boom that has been set up around the yacht club? it was set up by firefighters because the fuel tanks of the four boats that burned up are actually still under water. so there's a fear that the fuel, the oil could leak out and pollute the anacostia river. i'll have more on that coming up in one hour at 6:00.
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back to you anita. >> thanks a lot for that, kristin. crimes investigation in montgomery county, now includes an incident in a third community. up to north bethesda where they found more of the same stuff that has been plaguing the county since the middle of last week. he's been talking to the cops and what do they say about what is happening in montgomery county? >> two of these incidents are pretty well related and they are looking into the possibility that a third incident, a hate filled attack on a neighborhood is related to all this as well. >> the latest incident here at the north bethesda middle school where windows were broken and school officials quickly power washed away racist and sexually explicit graffiti. the inaccident was similar to extensive vandalism done to herbert hoover middle school. and also to residents in
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spencerville where 20 cars were hit last week. the race, sexual graphics, all very similar. on a map, the incidents span across nearly a third of montgomery county and police say they are taking it all seriously. >> again, with the sexual genitalia and hate based language. anything or any time where we have language that is motivated by hate, we're going to look into it and investigate it as though it's a hate related crime. >> young kids come through late at night. >> last week's attacks had some victims speculating it was neighborhood kids, but the widespread nature of the attacks now may suggest something else police say. >> so really right now, we don't want to close any doors on this investigation. we really want to leave them all open and looking at all of our possibilities right now. >> only good news in all of this is that an alarm interrupted the latest attack at 2:40 in the morning. school security was out there and ran these guys off. they didn't see who they are.
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they really need a tip. they have no idea who they are looking for. >> no suspects as of yet. >> no suspects. >> anita. >> all right derek. police are offering a $5,000 reward for help capturing the person who shot and killed a deer near downtown silver spring. this happened on june 24 near the 700 block of silver spring avenue and the case has gotten a lot of attention because the deer was shot in a residential area. police say they have identified someone in the neighborhood as a person of interest in the case, they don't have enough evidence yet to file charges. again that reward is out there. >> the man accused of swapping identities in order to escape from u.s. marshals was in court this afternoon. accused killer, james brewer reportedly switched id bracelets with another prisoner at a holding facility. in dc superior court. the swap allowed the 24-year- old to escape. brewer turned himself in. he's accused of killing an elderly man last month. we're going to have a live update coming up on 9news now
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at 6:00. lawmakers say they are ready to work through weekends if necessary to strike a deal on a plan to raise the nation's debt ceiling. both parties are still locked in a stalemate and tonight, they are looking over a pair of proposals. house members are scheduled to vote tomorrow on the republicans cut, cap, and balance plan. but the democratic controlled isn't the want a deal that includes tax increases and $4 trillion in spending cuts. >> what will it take to get my republican colleagues to wake up to the fact that they are playing a game of political chicken with the entire global economy? >> washington needs strong medicine to heal its spending addiction now. >> ideally lawmakers need to reach an agreement by friday, but senate leereds harry reid and mitch mcconnell are working on a plan to give the president the power to raise the debt ceiling without approval from congress. both parties say that is a last resort. we'll have more on the negotiations at 6:00 with a live report from capitol hill.
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and we have new developments breaking tonight in the washington city paper's fight against washington redskins owner dan schneider and they include wusa9. >> 9 sports director joins us to explain. >> it's been a while on this story. daniel schneider is suing the washington city paper because of an article they wrote about him that he claims is liablist and maliciously untrue. numerous legal scholars analyzed and not only find schneider's claims to be without merit, but quash press coverage against him. several others filed a brief with the court today asking that schneider either hurry up and prove it or that his case be dismissed. there are those that believe schneider and his lawyers are purposely dragging out the proceedings to increase legal costs and drain the finances of
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the relatively small washington city paper and today's brief, among other things, is trying to put a stop to that. hear are other parties to join wusa and aclu. they join journalist trade groups and government offices. some of whom often find themselves on opposite sides of the political spectrum. all of whom in this case that rich guys cannot push people around just because they don't like what is written about them, daniel schneider did not comment today, but i'm sure he will when he gets ahold of this. >> thank you brett. to be continued. >> sky 9 was over i-270 in rockville where traffic came to a halt because of a fire on a school bus. the vehicle burst into flames late this morning locking all four southbound lanes. now there were no kids on board the bus, thank goodness. it was being taken to a garage for repairs. there were no injuries.
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investigators are looking for a cause of a fire in the southeast. the flames broke out this morning in massachusetts avenue southeast. two adults and child were taken to the hospital as a precaution. >> it did take about 15 minutes or so for the firefighters to bring the fire under control. there was extension through other areas of the house. pretty significant damage to the home. the family will be displaced. >> it does appear that capitol hill row house was not equipped with a working smoke detector. officials believe the fire got started in the kitchen. >> a commuter alert now for beltway drivers in maryland. we know there are a lot of you. expect delays over the next few months because of a repaving project. crews started the work today along a four mile stretch of the inner and outer loops. there are going to be single lane closures during the day and double lane closures overnight. by the way, this project isn't expected to be completely
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finished until around thanksgiving. get ready for more company on the bw parkway near arundell mills mall. it is called arundell preserve and features a hotel, stores, and offices. it is also adding about 7,000 workers as part of the base closure and realignment project. still ahead tonight, a controversial new doll is about to hit the market here in the u.s. will area stores carry a toy baby that breast-feeds? we'll get reaction. phone hacking scandal takes down more top officials. i'm gina in london. i'll have the latest on the saga that is shaking rupert merdock's media empire. and the pat down, she took matters into her own hands. literally. we will be back.
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the crew of the last nasa space shuttle ever to visit the international space station is packing up and getting ready to head home. the atlantis closed the hatches between the shuttle and space station. astronauts sandy magnus used a robotic arm to detach a huge storage bin. it's loaded with faulty parts and trash from the space station that need to be taken out of there. it will be on board for the
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last shuttle ride back to earth planned for thursday. >> a colorado woman is in trouble with the law after she allegedly groped a tsa agent at phoenix's sky harbor airport. 61-year-old refused to go through the mandatory screening last week and started to argue with a tsa agent. she allegedly grabbed one agent's breast with both hands and gave a twist. >> surprising that somebody did that to the tsa? >> i don't know. nothing really surprises me, i guess. >> i'm surprised it hasn't happened sooner. >> the woman admitted to grabbing the agent, but wouldn't explain why she did it. facebook groups are popping knop support of her. she faces one count of felony sex abuse. a man accused of using an expired boarding pass to fly to l.a. pleaded not guilty to being a stowway. he boarded a flight using an expired boarding pass with
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someone else's name on it. he was arrested several days later when he tried to board another delta flight. derek. >> we are now learning about the first death connected with that phone hacking scandal and apparently it involves the whistle blower who kicked the whole thing off in the first place. the news comes as another top police officials steps down and the rest of the story from london tonight where the investigation once again is widening. >> the reporter who blew the whistle on alleged phone hacking at the news of the world has been found dead in his home in england. police say shawn's death does not appear to be suspicious. the development comes on the same day as senior london police officer resigned. assistance commissioner john yates decided not to reopen an investigation two years ago into allegations the paper was tapping phone. >> i have acted with complete integrity and my conscious is
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clear. > yates res resignation -- deal with the crisis. he is also cutting his trip to south africa short as he tries to reassure the public the investigation will be fair. >> the metropolitan police service inquiry must go wherever the evidence leads. they should investigate without fear or favor. >> rupert will likely face punishing questions from lawmakers when they appear before parliament tuesday. brooks was arrested over the weekend and released on bail. she spent hours answering questions about what she knew about hacking while she was in charge. >> she is not guilty of any criminal offense. >> police have arrested at least ten people in connection with the investigation, but no one has been charged with any crime yet.
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tina krouse, cbs news, london. thank you for that. police inspectors looking into the possibility of corruption amid news that two more top officials could be involved. general david patraeus today handed over command of u.s. and nato led troops in afghanistan. now oversea the process of transferring security to afghan forces. general patraeus takes over as cia director. during his year in afghanistan, he oversaw the arrival of 30,000 additional troops to stop the momentum of the growing insurgency there. anita and anny. >> we are out here on the terrace and we're not the only ones in the soup. it's across the whole country. >> yeah, in the midwest, temperatures are in the upper 90s. and it's going to be some really intense, dangerous heat coming this way as we are trying to warn everyone. here's a look at those conditions. look out to the far west, des
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moines, st. louis, heat advisories and warnings in effect because of the intense. when you factor in the humidity, heat index levels well over 100 degrees. so we're going to get some of that in the next couple of days. we also have to deal with storms later tonight and tomorrow. right now in our area, temperatures in the 90s. around downtown, 91 degrees. in gaithersburg, 90. when you factor in the humidity, it feels like the mid to upper 90s. dew points are in the 70s. it is steamy out there. fredericksburg 73. all right, talk about some of the storms we could see. well the cold front coming south already firing off some storms north of us into pennsylvania. this will be coming down overnight through tomorrow. so with that, we have a chance for some isolated thunderstorms overnight tonight and through tomorrow. a little more numerous tomorrow afternoon. so tonight, muggy and cloudy.
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if you have plans to be outside, don't worry about the showers and storms for dinner tonight. showers and storms impacting us by tomorrow. grab the umbrella before you head out the door tomorrow morning. wednesday's evening commutes, tuesday's evening commute could be wet for some folks and then wednesday it will be hot once again. so here's a look at that future cast. so for tonight, we're going to see increasing clouds generally and after midnight, maybe a popup thunderstorm and then we'll see probably a little more numerous by tomorrow afternoon where we see showers coming through with that cold front and then by tomorrow evening, a little more widespread and so some of those showers could hold some isolated storms. watching that as well. wednesday early morning, also maybe a lingering shower is also possible. here's a look at the risk for severe weather tomorrow. you can see it does include the entire mid atlantic, all these areas you see shaded in yellow. wind gusts and down pours.
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some of those wind gusts can create damage. keep your eyes to the sky. especially tomorrow. tonight, partly cloudy and muggy. isolated thunderstorms are possible late. lows will be in the 70s. in the morning, partly to mostly cloudy. air quality is code yellow, which means moderate. no major concerns. northwest winds at 5 to 10. in the afternoon, partly to mostly cloudy with showers and thunderstorms scattered and some could be heavy or severe. highs will be 902095 degrees. so another hot day tomorrow. near mid 90s around downtown and 93 in culpeper. here's a look at your seven-day forecast where we talk about that heat wave, that's happening thursday. 100 degrees. saturday near 100. when you factor in the humidity, it's going to feel really, really gross out there by thursday, friday, and saturday. make sure you check on the elderly. have plans to deal with this heat and get relief.
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>> i think derek said crazy hot and that was crazy hot. thanks anny. up next, how to buy more groceries, but spend less green. the key to saving at the supermarket in the palm of your hand. 
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oh man, the old border bookstore chain on the brink of extinction it. and so far, no buyers have come forward to acquire the 400 stores that are still open. the book seller had been in talks to sell itself to a private equity investor, but those collapsed and a judge approved plans for an auction of whatever stores remain tomorrow. announced opening a two-story restaurant and night life spot in the store vacated by borders in northwest dc. >> grocery prices for the staples like bread, eggs, coffee, they have gone up more than 30% in the last five years. >> lesli foster shows us how to find supermarket savings at the tip of your fingers. >> jean is a 21st century bargainista. she checks apps for coupons. >> it really is easier because i always have my phone.
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>> consumer reports, shop smart, dug deep to find tools that will help slash your phone bill. >> you can down load apps and have the circulars at your fingertips so you'll know what the daily and weekly deals are. >> grocery iq is another helpful app. you can search for coupons. >> even if you don't have a smart phone, some stores have kiosks where you can get extra savings. or down load coupons from a store's website directly on to your loyalty card. then you can just swipe your car at the checkout to get deals. shopping with loyalty cards can help you save money at the pump, too. points earned at some grocery stores can translate into money saved per gallon of gas. now jean finds with so many new ways to save, she not only saves money, she also saves time. >> i don't have to sit down with all the coupons. i pull it up on my phone, whatever store i'm in, i can see if they have the sale.
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>> if you can't find coupons for the products you like, shop smart suggests e-mailing the companies directly to ask for coupons on your favorite items. lesli foster, 9news now. those are great ideas, but derek may not be convinced. a doll that mimics breast- feeding has done well in europe and is coming to america. some are saying it's too much, too soon. the story coming up.
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welcome back. new at 5:30, you might remember the unusual doll we first told you about stirring up controversy. it lets kids pretend they are breast-feeding and soon you could buy one in this country for your child. is that a good idea? peggy fox joins me. as a mom myself, this takes me aback a little bit. >> it's a surprise at first, but when you are around it a while, maybe it's not as shocking. >> what are moms saying to you? >> we have dolls that pee and poop, why not breast-feeding? it has sold well in spain and it's being brought to the united states and it will be marketed to kids 2 and up. >> fall asleep on momma's breast. >> no problem using the word breast in front of her children. she nursed all three and as a
5:31 pm
la leche member has no problem nursing her baby in public. and she has no problem with the breast milk baby doll. it comes with a halter top decorated with flowers that are positioned where nipples would be. the doll makes that suckling noise when its mouth comes close to the flower sensors. >> i think it's great because i personally don't buy a lot of dolls and things because i don't want bottle feeding to be normalized for my children. >> she would never buy one because her children mimic nursing with their own cloth dolls. >> while breast-feeding is a natural thing for cristie's kids, it's not that way for many other american children and that's why many people think this doll may be inappropriate for america. licensed clinical social worker, debra finnty o'brian says the doll may open a dialogue with children that parents aren't ready to have. >> it gives mixed messages
5:32 pm
about the issue of teaching young girls modesty and the rules that are coming about in elementary school about sexual harassment, which is the big issue now. >> now the counselor doesn't think the doll will harm anybody, just that it may open some doors that parents aren't quite ready to open yet. and creates a dialogue that they aren't ready to have. it struck a polarizing cord on our facebook page. amber says it feels like a little too much, maybe shouldn't be for a 5 to 12-year- olds and kimberly says it has nothing do do with growing up too fast, but everything to do with being a mommy. she is for it. you know, mixed messages. i can see that. >> and as the breast-feeding mom i interviewed, she said you don't have to buy it. it's good to have the option. if you don't want it, don't buy it. >> we'll take it back to you, derek. >> thank you ladies, where in
5:33 pm
the world is casey anthony? now that the florida mom is a free woman, only a few people know where she is. karen brown has more on what anthony plans to do next after being acquitted of killing her daughter. >> casey anthony may be free, but she walked out of the orange county jail confined to a life of infamy. despite the protesters gathered for sunday's release. still angry the 25-year-old was acquitted of murdering her daughter, caylee, an elated anthony stepped into an suv relishing her newfound freedom. her handlers pulled into a parking structure. family attorney says anthony's parents don't even know where she is. after the anthony's contacted casey's attorney, his only response was a text, casey is safe. they haven't spoken since 2008, but now they do want to talk
5:34 pm
with their daughter. >> regardless of everything else that happened in the trial, she's still their daughter. >> experts and high profile security believe that anthony is a target. with only $537 of jailhouse money in hire pocket, she would have to find a way to pay for private security, which can cost up to $2400 a day. >> fame is the thing to be managed. it's a thing to be controlled, and security is part of it. >> lucrative interview offers could help, but her civil attorney says emotionally, anthony is a mess. >> she's going to need a period of solitude, of prayer, of quiet reflection. >> it may be difficult for anthony to even find empathy. especially among the people who marched in honor of caylee on the same day her mom was set free. karen brown, cbs news, orlando, florida. >> casey anthony has all sorts of legal problems. she is being sued for hundreds of thousands of dollars by a group who helped search for
5:35 pm
anthony, and recoup the cost of their investigation into that child's disappearance. an update on a deadly tour bus crash in western new york. investigators say a blownout tire is to blame for the accident that killed two people and injured 35 others. the bus was headed to niagra falls from d.c. when it ran off the roadway yesterday afternoon. the bus is owned by tours. our check of the company's records reveal no safety violations. investigators are now talking to the driver and to witnesses. >> 405 freeway open, thank you los angeles. that's what the message sign said this morning after the warnings of caram carmageddon. to clear a bridge from over the freeway. but apparently people just stayed home instead and crews finished the project early and the l.a. freeway reopened yesterday, 17 hours ahead of schedule. the first drivers to enter the highway were honking their
5:36 pm
horns and waving to folks to celebrate. >> how refreshing. if the price of parking in downtown d.c. gets to you, this story is going to make you feel better. according to a new study, drivers in midtown, manhattan, can pay $40 an hour to park their vehicles. in chicago, up to $28 an hour. in boston, $26. l.a. $25 an hour. again at the top. here in the district, the most expensive hourly rate is $12. that is still above the national average of about $9 an hour. up next, a frightening collapse caught on tape. we'll tell you what caused a concert stage to crash down in canada. >> and don't forget, we are always on at stay with us, we'll be right back.
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dock. caught on tape, some frightening moments at a concert in canada. severe weather caused the whole stage to give way. just as the band was playing last night at a blues festival. five people were hurt, amazingly, none were seriously injured. the storm sent thousands of fans at the festival running for cover. the manager said the band is grateful that everybody was
5:40 pm
okay. >> also caught on tape, a burning tv tower collapses overseas. this happened in the netherlands. firefighters got there before the collapse, but had to get out of the way when they realized they couldn't put out the fire and that thing was coming down. no word on what caused the fiery collapse, but it disrupted the country's tv, radio, and phone networks. >> this next video caught on tape is pretty graphic stuff. take a look at what happens when a powerful monsoon in central india turns deadly. that family enjoying an afternoon picnic suddenly, the river swells too quickly. they have to hold on to each other for dear life just trying to survive. the water is too strong. the video stops as all five are about to be swept over that water fall. only two of them survived. a 13-year-old teen recovering from a bear attack. rick vos was camping when the bear came into his tent. he awoke to feel it biting his
5:41 pm
leg and he thought the attack would never end. >> it seemed like 30 minutes. i guess it may have been 10. luckily my pajamas, so he just took my pajamas. >> other campers were able to chase off the bear and rick ended up in the hospital where he is recovering from deep cuts to his legs. the bear was tracked down and killed. still ahead, a dc museum gets new light, plus a study on grandparent drivers. anny. >> the heat is on and so is the humidity, but it's going to get worse. but first, maybe some showers and thunderstorms. here's doppler radar where just the north, we have storms coming through. i'll let you know when we could see them coming up. but up next, a possible game changer in the battle against epilepsy. a new procedure that could cure the disease.
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at progressive, you can bundle your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at the fda is giving a
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favorable early review to the first artificial heart valve being put in without major surgery. it is made by edwards life sciences and the replacement can be threaded in place with a catheter. cardiologists hope it will be an option for older patients. scientists are concerned about higher rate of stroke among people who got this edwards valve, so they are taking a close look at that. also tonight, a ground breaking treatment for epilepsy, which affects millions of adults and 300,000 kids in the u.s. doctors in texas are the first in the world to use laser technology to destroy the brain legions that cause epileptic seizures. tonight we introduce you to a little boy who is among the first to get it. >> keagan would have uncontrollable giggling fits two or three every hour. sometimes the nine-year-old would become stiff and unresponsive. >> with his seizures, there was no telling when it was going to happen or where it
5:46 pm
would happen. >> doctors diagnosed him with epilepsy, medication didn't control his seizures, so he became one of the first patients ever to undergo a new minimally invasive surgical procedure in houston. >> a very exciting breakthrough that we think can transform the lives of people living with the devastating disease. >> in the past, patients like keagan would have undergone a crane surgery. >> let that laser light into target destroy the legion without having to create a corridor to get to the legion. >> his family says the procedure has changed their son's life. >> he is noticing things that he never noticed before, like he'll notice the sunset. >> since his surgery, he is seizure free and he is in fact cured. here's why they are so excited. texas children's performed five of those surgeries in patients
5:47 pm
ranging from 5 to 15 years n. all five cases, the patients have no more seizures. derek. >> wow, very impressive. thank you for that news. are kissed safer in car crashes when grand mom or grand dad is at the wheel? university of pennsylvania survey found that children are only about 1 in 15 of them were hurt in crashes when their grandparents were driving. that's half as many when mom and dad are at the wheel. the findings seem to fly on the face of previous evidence that car crashes are more common in drivers over the age of 65. researchers speculate grand mom and grand dad are just extra caution when they are driving the grandkids. one of the world's most flying festivals is back in the uk for the first time in three years. it is the red bull, attracted about 15,000 spectators out to leave yesterday. what they are trying to see, how far can any one of these 34 little aircrafts make it before they hit the water? the teams were judged on
5:48 pm
distance, creativity, and performance. the toy story craft took the top prize. 5,000 british pounds, which as you know, is $9,000. that's nothing to sneeze at there. >> it looks cool. >> to infinity and beyond. >> there you go buzz lightyear. love it. they have rain there, not us. >> i wish we had rain. we may see showers and storms tonight and tomorrow. a heat wave coming this way. lots going on in weather. basically we are starting the heat wave today, temperatures into the 90s. it's very humid out there. it does already feel uncomfortable and we got storms coming this way. right now, temperatures around downtown 91. look out to the far west. des moines at this hour, 98 degrees. st. louis 96. we'll get some of that in the ladder half of the week. so right now around downtown, it's 89 in arlington. 91 in washington. college park at 95 degrees. rockville you're at 94 degrees. so it is hot out there. the heat index, when you factor
5:49 pm
in the humidity. it feels like this. upper 90s in downtown. annapolis, you're feeling it at 95 degrees. okay, we talked about the possibility of storms and showers. here's why. to the north of us right here in pennsylvania, we have a cold front coming down south. so as this can make it way in the next several hours through overnight and tomorrow, we could see some storms popping up and also some showers, especially tomorrow afternoon. here's a look at the future cast. so, ahead of that front, we have increasing clouds tonight. partly to mostly cloudy conditions. after midnight, a chance for some isolated storms and tomorrow afternoon, those storms become a little more numerous. scattered showers and thunderstorms. tomorrow evening's commute, it could be wet for some folks out there and definitely want to bring out the umbrellas. some of the storms could be strong, if not severe tomorrow. we are looking at the possibility of some damaging wind gusts and even some pretty good downpours. here's the look at that risk for severe weather. the areas you see shaded in
5:50 pm
yellow. all the mid atlantic, and again the main threats for our area, wind gusts and downpours and this is for tomorrow. keep your eyes to the sky. tonight though, partly cloudy and muggy, becoming mostly cloudy, isolated storms are possible late. generally after midnight. lows in the 70s. southwest winds 5 to 10. tomorrow morning, partly to mostly cloudy. mild, if not warm to start off the day. showers are possible. air quality is code yellow, no major concerns for there. in the afternoon, a little more active weather wise. partly to mostly cloudy with showers and storms. some could be heavy or severe. highs will be 90 to 95 degrees. near mid 90s downtown. all right, here's your seven- day, your tuesday planner. 86 and 91 by noon and by 5:00 in the 90s. here's your seven-day outlook. hot through tomorrow, wednesday mid 90s and we turn the heat up and the humidity on thursday.
5:51 pm
friday 100 degrees. make plans to get your kids out to the pool. drink lots of water and don't forget the elderly. check on them, too. >> summer in d.c. all right, thanks anny. >> u.s. soccer fans reeling a bit today after yesterday's woman's world cup final just did not turn out like they wanted. >> despite the disappointment felt here in the states, the win for japan had a much greater impact outside our borders. brett is back with more on that. >> in terms of america, this may seem harsh, but one sports business experts estimates when it comes to endorsement money, yesterday's defeat caused solo a million dollars. money was hardly the first concern for the u.s. team. it's another tough pill to swallow for a group that was poised for a celebration that never came. here's dave owens. >> they marched into brittany's bar and grill to celebrate a local hero and a
5:52 pm
team. >> this is home for her. >> plenty sign language. all of them were about to embark on an emotional ride that ironically enough, could be described with simple phrases. >> a little nervous, but i think we're going to pull it off. >> 8 minutes, 4, nope. >> false alarm. >> the first of many false alarms. point-blank miss. halftime, no goals. >> we hit the post too many times, we couldn't finish. >> still time to -- all american, check. big 10 rookie of the year, check. still in tact. and the only thing left to accomplish at the top of the list, win world cup. what do you think, guys? second half, finally. >> we need more. we have to put them away now.
5:53 pm
>> premature celebration. extra time, delivers again another header. japan, and you could hear a pin drop. down to pk, 1999, here we go again. >> 12 years in the making. >> fist clenched, eyes fixed, legs twitched. some prayer thrown in, too. hope, only for a moment. japan preveils. disbelief. dave owens, 9sports now. >> thanks for that. espn reports that their ratings for yesterday's final were nearly double the highest number they had ever gotten for a soccer game in their history. while the u.s. team lost, you could argue that soccer in america still wants. derek. >> i would have to agree with that. up next on 9news now. >> it's the grand reopening of the african american civil war
5:54 pm
museum. i'm going to take you inside. >> and coming up new at 6:00. >> this is bruce johnson at dc superior court who was able to escape, walked out of this place by using another inmate's id bracelet. could have stopped the escape if they bothered to look at that bracelet. didn't have his picture on it. i'll have the story coming up at 6:00. >> i'm peggy fox with it's a disturbing issue, but has local parents talking. the recent news about a father molesting his daughter's friends is giving many moms new worries. do you let your children go on sleep overs? there are a few safeguards you can take to ensure your child's safety and to protect your own family from false accusations. check out my story and join the discussion on you know when something's bad -- but you do it anyway?
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that's me with the blow dryer and the flat iron until i see smoke. so pantene said, "breakage and split ends? no problem." they gave me this pantene called breakage to strength. [ female announcer ] the keratin protection pro-v system helps prevent then repair split ends. zero fear of breakage, 100% more strength. no regrets, just health. i'm not giving up the heat. [ female announcer ] the breakage to strength system from pantene. even the oscar meyer weaner mobile couldn't rally the market. the s & p 500 fell 10. actor clint eastwood taking on a new role. he is the honorary chair of the
5:58 pm
national law enforcement officer's memorial and museum. eastwood will help raise funds by creating a public service campaign and so far, more than $43 million have been raised for the museum. that museum is scheduled to be built by the end of 2013. the african american civil war museum opened in its new space today in the corridor. >> lindsey mastis is there for the grand reopening. she takes us inside. > soldiers of today and those representing the past seem together to honor african americans that fought for freedom. >> in a civil war, they would fight for our country. >> it's a life lesson for joseph and his friends. they are about the same age as the girl mentioned on this piece of paper. >> lacey sold for $600 and 1834. >> $5 million worth of exhibitions and seven times larger than the old museum.
5:59 pm
the museum is located in the corridor. this area is very significant to the civil war. >> this community becomes a compound for soldiers on security details. >> cure ray tore harry jones says eventually that changed. >> thousands of run aways entered the city. they moved the military out of this care and they moved in the run aways. so this becomes a camp. >> once again, soldiers are lining the streets as the museum opens its doors more than 209,000 african american civil war soldiers are remembered. >> i want people to always remember that even though we african americans went through stuff, we fought for our freedom and we got it. >> in northwest washington, i'm lindsey mastis, 9news now. >> goodless sons. the museum is free. donations are encouraged. thanks for joining us for 9news now at 5:00. 9news now at 6:00 starts right now. >>

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